Guest lecture at Chalmers University

As a great wrap up of the year, myself and Sebastian Lennskog have delivered a guest lecture at Chalmers University, Gothenburg. We spoke about AWS Global Infrastructure and Sustainability to master’s degree students at the university facilities.

This was the second time I was honored to be invited as a guest speaker and I hope to continue this collaboration with Chalmers in 2024.

AWS Summit Stockholm

AWS Stockholm Summit 2023

On May 11th, for the second time I was standing at AWS Support booth at the AWS Stockholm Summit. The day was full of interactions with dozens of customers, partners and other Amazonians.

This year my team and myself were talking with AWS customers about three main themes – resiliency while staying cost optimized, security and incident monitoring.

The goal for the next year – be one of the breakout session speakers at the event!

Linkmeup podcast: Again about 5G

I had a great opportunity to join as a speaker at Linkmeup podcast. This time we are talking about 5G radio network, its architecture and what is happening on the 5G market around the globe.

FailProject: 5 Key Mistakes in Communication with Management

I have participated as a speaker at FailProject workshop.

We spoke about key mistakes in communication with management, how to avoid them and what instruments exist to build successful communication with your manager.

Recording of the workshop is available here or here.